How important is communication in your life? Additionally, how essential is Social Media to you? Is it really a requirement in wedding planning?



20 years ago, this might be something that’s interesting to a few but definitely non-existent to you.


And if you had to answer these questions 10 years ago, perhaps you might find it exciting to share your wedding details on your Friendster page- but not really depending on this platform to fully help you. I mean, you could survive not even checking your account out in a couple of days or so.


But with the recent developments in technology that incredibly helped us especially in the fields of health, economy, as well as the areas of infrastructures, travel and employment, the birth of social media as one of technology's advantages aided one of the most beautiful, but could also be the deadliest aspect of being human- our ability to communicate.


So fast forward to present day, I bet, going online is already a standard task or you go at least once or twice a day to update your status, check your inbox or at least getting informed, right? Bet you got a Verizon or AT&T data plan to keep you online 24/7!


"Without communication, there is no relationship.  Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue"


Indeed, whatever form it takes, communication makes life worthwhile.


So again, how do we relate wedding planning to communication?

No man is an island. And generally, a wedding is done not only by the bride and groom. There's quite a few weddings that happen (especially in Las Vegas) that only the officiant and a couple of witnesses share that very special moment. But still, once officially wed, the excitement of sharing the good news is passed on to their family and friends- frequently, thru social media.

 A wedding is the most special event where great beginnings are formed. And while some couples prefer to be getting married with just a couple of loved ones around, most brides and grooms build the structure of that first beginning with their friends and family present in that moment of validation.

Whatever the guest range may be- be it a subtle 5 or a whopping 500- your engagement announcement, those pretty wedding details and eventually, your wedding photos are all worthy to be shared with your guests. Thanks to CompuServe, which was one of the first major commercial Internet providers in the US, according to Inquisitr, we are able to reach out to them in the most convenient and fun way- through Social Media!


Change your status from single to In a Relationship.

Add a milestone in your life- “Got Engaged”

Post and Tweet your wedding details according to your preferred privacy.

Comment and reply to the well wishes- pre and post wedding.

Upload your wedding photos and tag your guests.

And wrap yourselves with the love, happy greetings and positivities from your friends from around the world.


Really, it's already a celebration itself. The happiness lingers. The memory remains, not only for you and your better half, but to those amazing people who have become a part of it.


The Two Wed website creator understands that need to communicate- to inform and get informed. Having a passion for helping couples create their joyous beginnings, Two Wed helps couple build a beautiful wedding website in 20 languages which is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Link 'em. Post ‘em. Enjoy! Wedding planning has never been this fun.



Intensify your communication thru your wedding website and the Social Media. You'd get surprised that your aunt (or even your granny!) has a Facebook or Twitter account. Create your multilingual wedding website now Two Wed now!