Have you been pinning that mint green home decor on Pinterest on a regular basis? Is your recent purchase consisted of a sparkly mint green statement bling? Did you go out last night wearing that black top with a huge mint-green colored design in front? Or are you telling yourself that there's no way (No way!) you like this color but ended up having mint green bric-a-bracs or sporting that mint green nail polish from Revlon?

Crisp, refreshing and cool, the shade of mint has indeed got us hooked in a cognizant way and sometimes, subconsciously! Mint greens have been holding a reputation of being a naturally refreshing sight to behold. We love the creamy and invigorating characteristics of mint greens- not too bold and not too light. Men on the other hand feel a certain zest and invigoration in wearing mint green colored clothes or accessories. It's a sweeter type of green; a milder type of turquoise. A softer type of teal, and a subtle version of emerald. Whatever the case may be, mint green will always be an uncommon shade that is being favored by a lot of us- without us really knowing that we're being put under its stimulating spell!

While more and more people are falling in love with the shades of mint green, several brides and grooms have chosen to go for a mint green-themed wedding. Mint weddings are usually done in June or on summer weddings, but some who vow to have this color as their couple color, prefer to splash their weddings in any time of the year with a fresh yet calming vibe that's topped with utmost style- only a mint green wedding can provide.


How do you come up with the mint wedding color combination?


Some say that color combination is tricky and that you should follow a certain color wheel to successfully mix colors and achieve matching palettes. But if you think that the color combination isn't really the one that truly makes you and your fiance "YOU", then ditch that color wheel! 


Here are some tips:


Your safest route is to match mint green with whites. Combining mint green to subtle shades of peach and cream is also a sound choice.  While some match it with black to achieve a much bolder look, others opt to have a mint and silver fusion which provides an accentuated style to any wedding, transforming it from soft into dazzling. Additional accents of gold could create an elegant mint-and-golden swirls. But what if you feel like a mint green blended with solid colors, like red or dark blue is the right one for you? Go for it! There's nothing more special than having a wedding theme that fully expresses who you and your fiance really are!


Whether you've decided on going for a monochromatic mint wedding or your being playful led you to combine it with several other colors, a mint wedding will always be gorgeously cool, like the ones below.


Vera Wang

courtesy of www.afirstclasswedding.com thru www.eagleglengc.com


 Source: www.youredmontonwedding.com


 Source: www.weddbook.com 





Christa Elyce Photography thru www.sweetvioletbride.com


 Source: www.charlottemagazine.com



Luxe Wedding Website Template

This cool and crisp template is not 100% mint, but the combination of mint, blue and baby blue makes this an elegant wedding website template to complement your mint green or navy wedding theme.




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