Though we are deeply in love with each wedding's distinct beauty- whether a simple one or that of an intricate style, nuptials celebrated on Junes have transformed it into a happy month  of glamour topped with a certain kind of  charming edge! Most beautiful nuptials, especially upbeat outdoor weddings, have been celebrated in the month of June- there is no other perfect month for a summer wedding indeed! The sunshine, the fresh air and the coziness of this time of the year charm a lot of couples to hold the most memorable union towards their family life- becoming one during the goddess Juno's month.

So now we're excited to feature Two Wed's first blog for the most popular wedding month, we show you the 2nd part (yet equally tasty!) of Two Wed's Wedding Website Templates. Couples who have created their wedding websites on Two Wed have commented that they love the classiness and modishness of Two Wed's wedding website templates, especially the convenience of tracking their guests real time. Guests get that feeling of being treated special by the welcoming templates, heartwarming love story, uplifting wedding announcement and the sincere invitation by the couple.

Moreover, not only do couples get a multilingual wedding website with a premium designer template which they could share on Facebook and Twitter, they are able to send out free elegant wedding invitations that are integrated with maps as well. The real time guest tracking feature allows them to get connected with their guests effectively.

Most importantly, they get a lifetime subscription of a wedding website that houses their love story- from their engagement down to their vow renewal celebrations. Priceless indeed.


 Two Wed's Wedding Website Premium Design Templates 

(Part 2)




Clean, cool and crisp, the Luxe Template is the ideal wedding website template for nautical and beach weddings.




The burst of different colors makes a pretty combination that expresses a timeless style.




Pink lovers, this is definitely the right wedding template for pink-themed weddings or those who truly love this girly color.




Perfect for summer-themed weddings, the Classic Template has a happy vibe that truly celebrates your upcoming union!




Definitely the most summery, outdoor or organic wedding friendly template, the Bright Template exudes a refreshing and positive mood.




Enduring and sophisticated, the Traditional Template is to be picked if you have a conventional taste or if  a green or teal-themed wedding is to be celebrated.


So what's your favourite among these second part of these awesome wedding website templates?




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