Preserving a relationship has its ups and downs; and muticultural relationships do too. In fact, most multicultural couples find it more challenging than a relationship which a couple who have the same nationality shares. Although the term "challenging" is very subjective as personalities, upbringing, cultures and languages differ, maintaining an interracial relationship isn't easy as pie. But as the adage goes "Love conquers all.", through hard work, patience and LOVE, breaking those barriers will definitely be all worth it. And before you know it, you've fallen in love with the process itself.


Multicultural relationships are exciting as there's more to learn and a lot to experience! Maybe you could learn each other's languages or travel to each other's home country. Perhaps treat your palates into something different or bond while listening to the popular music from each other's home country. There will never be a dull moment- the possibilities are endless!


Are you ready for a multicultural wedding? Majority of relationships has this goal- marriage. Just like how exciting it is to maintain a multicultutal relationship, holding a multicultural wedding might overwhelm you. It's a day of the two of you becoming one, surrounded by your guests, mostly of different nationalities. It could be an ordeal, but don't stress yourself out! Remember that this is your day and don't ever let anything ruin it. So how do you make your multicultural wedding more exciting? Incorporate your traditional dishes. Allow them to show their moves in swaying on the beautiful music from each of your home country. Have a wedding giveaway that exemplifies the two of you. Just bear in mind to explain to your guests whatever tradition or ritual you're going to include, so as to help them internalize the meaning of the said ritual and avoid some  to get offended or confused. They might find your wedding a bit different but soon they'll indulge on an unforgettable and unique matrimonial union that, in one way or another, strengthens each of your familial ties. 

Look how these different fusion made multicultural weddings truly memorable and distinct.



Jewish and Indian Wedding 


Hindu Christian Wedding


Multicultural Wedding Melinda Le Photography Munaluchi026


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