Most fashion trends (like boys, oh?!), well, they come and go.  Though it feels great knowing that some of the trends that were so popular during our mom's teenage years are on the spotlight these days, it's hard to know which specific trend lasts. So which one stayed for good? Denims. Thanks to Mr. Levi Strauss and Mr. Jacob Davis, men and women alike have been taking pleasure in the comfort, playfulness and stylishness of denims since 1873.


Have you ever known someone, specifically a lady, who hasn't worn jeans all her life? Chances are, there's a few, or perhaps none. Most women have tasted how wonderful it is on just being on a casual denim jeans and a basic tee. It's a staple garb that makes women feel relaxed yet sexy and confident in their own skin. You might have not noticed it, but it seems like denims are a permanent fashion essential in the years to come- and the sad part is we don’t even notice it or even consider it on wedding theme planning.

But denim lovers, here's something to look forward to. A lot of women have placed denims at the top of their wedding theme list and the outcome of these denim weddings is just perfect! See? 


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Etched In Time thru Etsy 


Having a denim wedding is fun as it could be blended with any type of wedding motif. If you truly love denims but think that they will ruin the elegance of your wedding, then it's about time to break free from that wrong notion. With the right color blending, denims promise a wedding theme that exudes class with a hint of edge and a dash of style. So start your denim wedding planning! Create your wedding website now and look forward to a unique wedding theme.