Wedding websites have revolutionized wedding planning. Since the beginning of time, we all have been very keen to store photos and save images. We find a rich sentimental value in them. It's true, we couldn't turn back the hands of time but sure we can have the most memorable snapshots of these special moments in our lives, look at them and reminisce regularly, and keep them and share them with our children, and with the generations that follow. That's why people nowadays invest on high-quality cams or smartphones that have great camera specs. Most of us also give time in uploading our photos and videos online. So what about invitations? Are paper invitations enough? Do online invitations suffice? 


Everyone (I believe!) would love to receive a wedding invitation. There will always such an honor to be requested in being a part of a very special event like weddings. Sure there are paper invites that melt our hearts with how they are beautifully created. Those intricately crafted paper invites are really stunning to look at. The unique and funny ones give us so much something to giggle on. Take a look at how wonderful these paper invites could be.


Julie from Carol Miller Designs thru


So what about online invites? With millions of people using the Internet at this age, online invites are the best answer for couples who want to invite a lot of guests in an equally formal way as with the paper invites, telling them that you want them to be a part of your wedding. The difference is that these couples take advantage of saving money on invites. Below are lovely online wedding invites that resemble the traditional paper invites. 








With online invites, sky's the limit to the number of guests that you can lovingly invite!


Paper invites will never become obsolete. More so, online invites have never been overpowered by paper invites. You couldn't even pinpoint as to which among these buddies to choose. All I know is that paper invites and online invites when used at the same time, achieve its purpose of keeping your guests informed of the details of your wedding. If you want the best of both worlds, why not send the paper invites to your closest relatives and friends, as well as the members of your entourage, then send the classy online invites to the others? It's up to you! So Start creating your memories now! Create your wedding website with your elegant online invites (and other features) at Two Wed !