We’ve just observed Easter and now you could go back to watching out for gorgeous weddings! So how about an Easter wedding, huh?

A wedding marks an ultimately memorable event in one's life, but a wedding spent on an Easter Sunday surely ups its unforgettable-ness! Easter is one of the most important Christian Church festivals and all Christians partake in observing this holiday with their loved ones. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated by almost everyone. Through time, commemorating this festivity has evolved dramatically. Easter eggs, egg hunting, bunnies (and chocolate bunnies too!), bright-colored flowers and pastel hues are the trademarks associated with this Easter. Getting hitched on Easter is an exciting idea- what a great way to celebrate your nuptials! 

I don't see much Easter weddings but I agree to the fact that this is a wedding theme worth appreciating. Easter weddings are bursting with colors! You could compare the combinations of hues to a children's party but taken to a much higher level of elegance and style. If you want to have your wedding done in a chic, fun way brushed with glamour then an Easter wedding may be great pick!


Look at these Easter wedding inspirations. Wow!
























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Art With Nature Floral Design and Vancouver Wedding Planners 

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If you and your beau are planning to have a spring wedding, why not make it an Easter wedding? Your guests will surely reminisce the fun during your wedding in the upcoming Easter Sundays for sure!