Well those are just a few words to describe the beauty of colored women.

I love how black brides carry themselves elegantly. It’s a fact- black is beautiful, and these coffee-colored skin ladies radiate so much style and classiness that we just get too awe-inspired by their natural elegance and their ability to wow men and women alike in different fields around the world. In the entertainment industry, these black beauties continually impress nearly everyone by their acting prowess and striking beauty so I didn't get surprised why Lupita Nyong'o has garnered millions of fans as she exemplifies the strength and classic beauty of a modern woman. The fashion industry on the other hand has been an area where their attractiveness is lovingly paraded. Admit it, you couldn't just get enough of the wit and glamour of Tyra Banks at the ANTM, right?

Whether you're purely black, a biracial mulatto or a multiracial one sportin' your sexy mocha skin color, you've got tons of wedding ideas to achieve your dream wedding look in your own uniquely beautiful way! 


Below are just a lovely few of the gazillion wedding inspirations for black brides.


1. wedding makeup for black brides


 Image Credit:: www.mymakeupbook.com 



2. wedding dress for black brides

Image Credit: Inije Photography & Films www.inijephoto.com, Dress by Thereze Fleetwood 

thru www.blackbride.com



3. wedding hairstyle for black brides

Image Credit: www.munaluchibridal.com



4. Wedding accessories for black brides 

Image Credit: www.swellbeauty.blogspot.com



5. wedding headpiece for black brides


Image Credit: www.blackhairstylehaircut.com


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Are you a black bride or a fan of one?

Share us some of your prettifying wedding tips below!