Interracial weddings and modern marriages do not just commonly happen in Hollywood. In fact, for the past decades, there are tons of unsung multicultural relationships which are bound for a happy ending. Try scouring the most popular wedding websites free for all future brides to be appreciated on through Google and you'll find a lot of features about just-married couples who have different nationalities. The main factor behind the explosion of multicultural marriages is globalization. Families immigrate to other countries for greener pastures; young adults study abroad as exchange students; a large number of professionals being assigned to foreign countries to represent their companies and a lot of entrepreneurs venture out internationally, liaising with business partners or showcasing their products and services to the other parts of the world, among others.  All these and more made convenient by the Internet and social media. Even couples fall in love at the comfort of their homes. Thanks to several platforms like email, Facebook and Skype, relationships are built and strengthened through constant communication.


For multilingual marriages, wedding planning could be a rousing yet exigent task, especially if you want to get in touch with your guests who live on the other side of Earth. What if the people on your guest list written on your wedding planner have diverse languages? How would you communicate with them? Although we couldn't emphasize the importance of various social media methods, it is definitely much feasible if the platform we have chosen supports a language that we or the one we would want to get in touch with is very much comfortable with. So having felt the need for one, Two Wed was developed. This wedding website is like a wedding planner that supports 20 languages and social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, are fully integrated. Browse through the list of languages which the wedding website Two Wed offers and discover how Two Wed has changed the wedding planning done in modern marriages in a positive way.





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