In the past few years, wedding websites have been an essential part in wedding planning. Thanks to the advancement in technology, brides become more internet savvy, having an aim to achieve a perfect wedding and also getting connected efficiently with their wedding guests. A wedding website is where you'd place  a summarized love story of yours as a couple. It also includes your photos, Save-The-Date videos as well as the announcement of your upcoming wedding’s important details. Speaking of managing your guest list, by being able to handle your own wedding website, you are in control of what details to share and who to share those vital  infos with. From your main wedding website up to Facebook or Twitter, editing your privacy settings is just a click away. Choosing one with multilingual features is icing on the cake!

If you're a fan of everything that meets "Form and function" then you should kickstart your wedding website by choosing one of the best "wedding website templates". Be sure to pick the wedding website template that's uniquely right for the two of you or one that is suited to your wedding motif or theme. Make it pleasing to the eyes and speaks uniquely about you and your fiance as a couple!


Below are some of Two Wed's wedding website templates.


1. Simple

Minimal yet sophisticated, this template is great for couples who want to keep everything balanced yet simply pretty.


2. Allure 


This template has a timeless and classy look. Perfect for rustic weddings or if you're aiming to hit a wedding with an elegant and country feel!


3. Harmony


Great for country-rustic themed weddings or outdoor weddings which involves Earth tones for its stylish and tasteful find synonym look.


4. Chic


I find this the most fashionable among this list. With its accents, I think of the Renaissance period, Shakespearean era and the castle weddings' refined and modish style.


5. Journey


 This evokes gracefulness albeit its simplicity. The white and blue colors make it very easy to the eyes. I find that this lovely template straightforward and refreshing.


6. Retro

 What I like about this one is it's bursting with utmost chic-ness. The color combination speaks a lot about femininity and romance. 



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What's your favorite wedding website template on the list?