Are you having a hard time imagining if your wedding dress and bridal accessories would complement your short hair? Is choosing the right bridal headpiece becoming more of a challenge for your bob? You think having short hair, your bridal hairstyle options are limited? Don't you worry pretty lady! The adage "Less is more." is applicable to your wedding hairstyle and there are a lot of ways to sport a stunning short wedding hairstyle on your big day in a classy and fashionable way you want it to be!

Though elegant bridal hairstyles are often associated with gorgeous lengthy locks, more short-haired brides are spotted sporting fabulous hairstyles. If you're short-haired but opt to have long locks on your big day, wigs and hair extensions are always an option. But take a look at these beautiful and astoundingly-gorgeous short wedding hairstyles. They all look, romantic, fun and elegant, right? So now is the right time to swim into the glamorous pool of short wedding hairstyles and choose the perfect one for you! A lot of wedding websites as well as Instagram or Pinterest will be your best friend for sure!


These are 5 things that you can do in general to have a short hair that will truly rock on your wedding day.


1. Wear an intricate hair jewelry.


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2. Dye your hair with a different color than that of your natural hair color.

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3. Sport a statement headpiece like the ones with feathers.

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4. Use a regal-looking and intricate headband. Or choose one with a romantic vibe like the one below.

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5. Have a dramatic short bridal hairstyle.


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If you’re a short-haired bride, would you use hair extensions? Or would you confidently get glammed up on your wedding day with your short tresses?