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Now that you and your fiancé have found the perfect wedding theme, it's about time to create your wedding website that will not only immortalize your matrimonial union memories but will also serve as a platform in storing your wedding details, sharing your nuptial infos and getting in touch with your guests all at the same time!

A wedding website will serve as a portal for you and your guests situated on the other parts of the globe. With the top social networking sites fully integrated with your wedding website, getting connected to your childhood buddies, long lost high school pals and treasured friends for them to become a part of this beautiful life changing event of yours will undeniably make it even more memorable. You can conveniently manage whom you share your wedding infos with and who sees them, therefore, whether you want to talk about your upcoming wedding privately or discuss about it in a way that it will become "trending", Two Wed is a great pick!


Personalize your wedding website by choosing the wedding template that speaks about you and your fiancé as a couple.  SIGN UP now to build your wedding website now for FREE!