I believe in the adage "Simplicity is beauty." and I absolutely cannot avoid falling in love with simple garbs that are made dazzling by statement accessories, which raise their prettiness into awesomeness! Muted colors come alive with the use of a colorful scarf. A little black dress shines with a huge turquoise-colored necklace. A plain tube dress becomes a killer one with a sparkling belt. With tons of inspirations, it's very easy to accentuate even the most basic get-up.

Same thing goes with bridal headpieces. I love how their appeal completes the overall ensemble of a beautiful bride. Most brides these days prefer to conclude their bridal look with a gorgeous piece of hair jewelry, just like a luscious cherry atop a slice of a mouthwatering cake. From charming bridal headbands to stylish wedding hair headpieces, a soon-to-be bride will only have to choose what complements best her wedding dress.  I don't think wearing a bridal headpiece means overdoing it or even denotes over-accessorizing. With the right size, color and material, a bridal headpiece will definitely up a bride’s glamour!


My Top 5 bridal headpieces favorites


1. Hair Jewelry


Image Credit: www.redibychelsea.com

This is my number one fave among this list coz I love the unique style of this hair jewelry and its versatility. I feel like brides could wear it with any bridal dress and blends well on a destination wedding, beach nuptials, bohemian-inspired wedding or with any wedding theme. Its elegance and uniqueness is topnotch!



2. Tiara

Image Credit: www.davidsbridal.com

This tiara is fabulous. Its timeless style will surely make a plain bridal dress look more princessy. Simply regal is how I describe this headpiece.



3. Bridal Comb

Image Credit: www.jonrichard.com

If your wedding hairstyle is a bit intricate but still want to wear a bridal headpiece then choosing something like this is a great decision. More so, if you want to wear a simple hairstyle, like a chic bun or a cute bob on your big day then this simple bridal comb will still absolutely prettify.



4. Wedding Headband


 Image Credit: www.weddingfactorydirect.com

All I could say is this side accented headband is both pretty and sexy. (Or should I say quietly flirty? Haha!) Definitely alluring even with different bridal hairstyles and hair length.



5. Feather Bridal Headpiece

Image Credit: www.sewcountrychick.com


This feather headpiece is a stunner. I could imagine how well it could change a basic wardrobe into something edgy and exotic!



Bridal headpieces are not necessarily a must-have. But incorporating it to your bridal attire in the most suitable way will surely wow not only your guests but that dashing guy you'll be spending the rest of your life with.


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Which would you most likely pick?

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