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Tips for Using Sparklers at a Summer Wedding

clock April 22, 2017 14:59 by author marina

Most couples decide to plan their wedding during the summer months, and this is done for a variety of reasons. First off, weather is an important factor when planning your wedding, particularly if is going to be held outdoors; and summer is a safe bet to be warm and sunny weather compared to any other season. Additionally, people often have more free time in the summer. If some of your guests have children, they usually already have plans in place for daycare or babysitting as well.

But despite all of the obvious advantages that having a summer wedding can provide to your guests, you as a couple can enjoy more flexibility in the types of activities that you want to have at your wedding. One activity that is very popular and only possible during a summer wedding is using sparklers. There are many ways you can use wedding sparklers at your reception, and these are a few tips to get the most out of the beautiful summer weather at your wedding.

Choose a Location

If you’re planning to use sparklers at your summer wedding, choosing the right location is crucial. Depending on how you plan to use them, you’re likely going to need a wide open location that is free of fire hazards and obstacles. If you are having your wedding on a beach like many couples do, you won’t have to think about it too much since it’s perfectly suited for using sparklers already. If you are choosing a more traditional wedding venue, you’ll want to make sure there is a field or parking lot area that is away from any buildings and trees. Just consider your venue carefully if you plan to use sparklers so your wedding is safe and fun.



Plan Your Activity

There are a number of activities you can perform with sparklers at a wedding, but not every venue will work for them all. Most commonly, couples choose to use sparklers in place of confetti or rice during their send-off line or grand entrance into the reception area. You need to make sure there is plenty of space if this is the route you choose, and also make sure that the venue allows the use of sparklers in the first place. If you plan to use them as photo props, which can be another popular option, you’ll need to take the same factors into consideration.

Choose Your Sparklers

Regardless of how and where you plan to use your sparklers, choosing the right length, color, and type is very important. You don’t want to have them burn out too quickly, so your best option is to choose 20” wedding sparklers for most activities. Additionally, if you plan to use them indoors or in a confined area, you’ll want to choose gold sparklers since they don’t create any smoke as they burn. Lastly, you want to make sure you buy actual wedding sparklers instead of cheap sparklers that you find at most fireworks retailers. Wedding sparklers will be packaged nicer and also be made to a higher standard of quality.


If you find the right venue that accommodates the use of wedding sparklers and know how you plan to use them, you can make an informed decision when you choose the size, color, and brand of sparklers that you want to buy. By considering all three of those things carefully, using sparklers at your summer wedding can add a tremendous amount of value to your celebration.

How to get the best caterer for your event?

clock March 30, 2017 13:03 by author marina

 If you are going to have a large event like a family gathering, a party, corporate event, or a wedding, then you need to hire a professional caterer. The problem within catering industry is that there is no standardized grading system for the caterers and any person may get started in the business. It is up to you do decide which caterer is right for your so that it will be a great event.

Start to look for caterers from the recommendations of friends: regardless of how well a company can be advertising itself, it will not be able to replace a good recommendation from your friend.  When a friend or a family member has hired the best caterer for their wedding, then this is the right person to consider for your big event.  While looking for recommendations, you should also keep in mind bad reviews given for some caterers and keep away from them.

Test them out: caterers that serve food for large events have to offer tasting for the food they cook if they want to get a large contract. You have to keep in your mind that the tasting is going to include some of the best products that the caterers are able to produce. You should keep in mind that there is normally a difference in how food for two is prepared compared to food that it is prepared for 500 people.

Learn about the specialty of a caterer: There are some caterers who specialize in large events and they have the expertise and the equipment to handle guests. Some specialize in catering for food allergies. There are other caterers who are only able tocaterfor a small number of guests like cocktail parties and intimate events.  When caterers say that they can cater for anything, it is possible that they will not deliver what you are looking for.

Decide on the services you will need from a caterer. Some caterers may only deliver the food to you while others can do the set up. Others may offer fully trained staff who will wait on your guests and offer support. In case you are having a formal event that requires plated service, it will be better to deal with a company that it is large enough to handle all of your needs.  You have to be able to ask a caterer if their staff are employees or if they hire them on temporary basis for a certain job.  If the company says that they hire temporary staff, it generally means that they do not deal with large events on a regular basis. This may or may not be a bad thing, just something for you to consider depending on what type of event you are having.

If you are giving the job to a certain company to run your event, then it is good to ask for references and to make sure that you contact these references.  You should not only ask for their names but you should get the name of the most recent clients.

Talk about the food: if you have a party, some caterers may prepare the food from frozen products. Fresh food has to be given a priority to make sure that the food is going to taste great. Always insist that your gourmetfood is cooked with fresh food and not frozen food. You can test this out by sampling a few dishes during the tasting event.


Confirm with a local health department: many companies are subjected to the regulation by the local health department and there may be a record of any issues, complaints or inspections that were done before. This information is available for the public and if the company that you want to hire has many complaints and violations, it may be better to look somewhere else.

Get an estimate: many people will get the quote first before looking for anything else about a company. If you are cooking for a wedding, the food can take up to 50 percent of the entire budget, but always remember that you get what you pay for. When the caterer agrees to drop the price, it may mean that they will also drop the quality with it.

Sign a contract: you should never hire the contractor if you do not have a contract in place. This protects you when the caterer refuses to do everything as you have agreed with him.  Read the contract well before you sign it.


Get started by finding a local catering company near you to have the event of your dreams!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

clock January 24, 2017 12:26 by author marina

Almost every girl dreams about a perfect wedding dress since her childhood. Almost every girl wants to feel like a princess once in a life. And beside the prince, nothing can make you feel like a princess, like the perfect wedding dress can.


So here are some tips how to find a perfect wedding dress!


Before choosing a wedding dress, you need to be certain what kind of wedding you want. You will not choose the same wedding dress for a beach wedding or elegant wedding in the restaurant. It happens often that the brides choose a dress and later on realise that it is not suitable for the wedding ceremony. Another detail that you need to keep in your mind is the season of the wedding, for the obvious reasons. 

After you know these details, do your research. Use internet to get a feeling what type of dress you like in general and what you wouldn’t dress at all. Of course, you will know these things when you see the dress in a store, but being prepared like this will save you some time, because you will have a general idea.


Image source: www.rikidalal.co.uk

It is not very romantic to think about the money, but you need to know from the start what kind of dress you can afford. Being practical and aware of your realistic budget might save you from spending a small fortune on a dress, without taking care of other aspects of your wedding.

None of us is perfect, and it is great! However, you need to be aware of your body type and its virtues and flaws. Not every dress will look great on every body. So be ready to say goodbye to some beautiful dresses in order to find the one that will be perfect for you.


Take your best friend or sister with you to bridal shops. Instead of being stressed out, make this a memorable experience and have fun. Bridal shops, like Riki Dalal from London, have experienced consultants that will, based on your instructions, help you find what you are looking for. Listen to other peoples opinion, but always choose the dress that feels the right for you, not for the others.

And once again, you need to be practical, test how comfortable your dress is by moving in it. After all, you need to be a whole day in it!

Finding the right dress should feel like finding the right person, don’t go for anything that doesn’t give you ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling.


Image source: www.rikidalal.co.uk 

Dreaming of destination wedding?

clock January 23, 2017 16:11 by author marina

As it is quite cold in Europe, where we are at the moment, we dream of a destination wedding at some warm and sunny place. And what is the first place that comes to our mind? Of course- Caribbean islands!

Caribbean islands might be a perfect choice for your wedding, whether you plan an intimate ceremony with only the love of your life, or a big wedding with family and friends. Either way, you will have a memorable wedding, followed by exotic honeymoon.

First, we recommend you to find reliable wedding agency that can help you to find wedding venues at the best Caribbean wedding resorts and organize all the details before your travel, so you do not need to worry about those things when you get there. Choose the agency that has a lot of experience in organizing of destination weddings, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Be sure to read reviews by their clients!

Many people think that choosing a destination wedding might be very expensive, but some agencies offer Caribbean weddings on a budget and even cheap all inclusive destination weddings. For example check out  www.wedding-caribbean.com




Image source:  www.wedding-caribbean.com

So, put the numbers on the paper, decide how big wedding you want and choose a destination. Leave the rest to professionals and enjoy in time of your life.

Plan Your Wedding With The Help Of Instagram!

clock December 9, 2016 08:33 by author marina

Modern brides use modern technology. That includes making posts on their social media accounts about their big day. For those that are planning a wedding, social media is a great place to find tips, tricks and inspiration. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are just some of the places where you can get ideas on how to make your wedding day extra special.

Still, the use of social media is relatively new, and many people have questions about how to do it the right way. This article includes frequently asked questions regarding the use of social media in planning a wedding. With the help of this information, you can throw the wedding of your dreams!


1. Is there anything I should steer clear of when it comes to social media and wedding planning?

 Regardless of how involved you are with online planning, do not put a hashtag on your actual wedding invitation. This is a piece of paper that will be looked at for years to come. Therefore, only the most important details of your big day need to be on that invitation. In addition, there will be some members of your guest list that simply don't interact on social media. Do not make a post including anyone from your wedding unless you talk to them and get permission ahead of time.


 2. What is the best way to inform others about my wedding hashtag and website?

If you want your guests to log on and see what you are up to, use your wedding stationary to help. If you send out a "Save the Date" note, make sure to include your website as well. In addition, when you send out your invitations, put in an extra card that gives information on your website and any relevant social media pages. This is a great place to note your hashtags as well.

If you are unsure how to do this, simply look up a few examples online. Many modern brides now include this touch, so it is not as uncommon as some might think.


3. How to I handle my name change on social media?

First, do not get rid of the user name or handle that you had prior to your marriage. If you simply get rid of your account, anything that you were previously tagged in will not transfer over. You will lose your pictures and your friend list as well. Therefore, in order keep your years of memories, it is important to maintain the same account. This can be done through the Instagram app but if you don’t have the app at hand you can do it via a service such as Vibbi.


4. How do I incorporate GeoTags?

There are a number of advantages to making the location of your wedding known! Incorporate Geotags on Instagram; when you do this, you open up the possibility that future brides will question you about your venue. In addition, your guests can put up a Geotag when they get to their hotel. Someone on your guest list can log on to Instagram and see who their neighbors are for the night!


5. Is there a way to get businesses to showcase my pictures?

Many businesses that are involved with weddings like to showcase pictures from brides. If you post a picture on Instagram, add a hashtag with the business name on it. Members of their staff can then locate the picture and post it if they would like.