Travel information

Travel information

This travel information page will be updated until the event. We would recommend printing it out before you leave and brining it with you.

There will be a private dinner at the Bride's house on Thursday evening before the wedding. Some sightseeing tourist activities are being organized for the weekend but Ari and Rosa will only be able to join for some of them because they leave for their honeymoon on Sat evening.

We don't recommend driving. Traffic is horrible and the city is difficult to navigate. Taxis can take you anywhere in the city and cost much less than they do in the USA. Just be sure that they reset their meter when you get in the cab. If you have time and are with a local who knows the system, then take the mass transit. The bus, metro, and metrobus are all cheap and you won't have to deal with parking.

If you haven't gotten airplane tickets yet, then I have a few tips for you:
* Use kayak.com to search for all airlines
* Usually I fly Alaska but this time I'm flying Volaris, a Mexican airline. They are the Mexican airline that I would recommend considering.
* Use Google ITA to check for different pricing depending on the sales city


UPDATE: Everyone has booked at the Royal so if you want to be with most of us and it is full, you can book the Radisson Paraiso instead.

We were trying for most of Ari's family to stay at the same hotel in southern Mexico City near the venue. However, feel free to stay somewhere else in the city if you prefer to be more central for sightseeing. Here are some good hotel options. Booking through booking.com using the links below support the Bride and Groom on their honeymoon.

Link to book at the Royal Hotel in southern Mexico City where Ari & Rosy are staying the night of the wedding. It's relatively close to the wedding location, where we were originally having everyone stay, but the price and room availability have prevented that. UPDATE: The Royal Hotel is full. A good alternative is to book the Radisson Paraiso. It is only one long block away from the Royal Hotel.

Link to book at the Holiday Inn in Coyoacan. Coyoacan is one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city still relatively close to Xochimilco for the wedding. Don't miss checking out the plaza in Coyoacan while you are there.

If you are looking to stay on a budget then you can link to book at the Hotel Siesta del Sur is close to Xochimilco for the wedding and much cheaper. I wouldn't plan on there being english speakers at the hotel, but it is the closest to the wedding location and the cheapest place to stay. 

Some of Rosy and Ari's Favorite Sights...
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