Yvonne & Wayne‘s Wedding Date

December 28, 2014

Things you may not know about Yvonne & Wayne

This story began way back in August 2010 when Yvonne was still busy pursueing her degree and Wayne just started his grad school both at Cornell. They first met each other at the welcome party of FICCC (First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church). As soon as Wayne met Yvonne, he noticed this girl from Taiwan has a very friendly personality that she always takes care of and help some of the new comers of Taiwanese students with settling down. Out of curiosity, he wanted to know this girl more. 

They started going on numereous “non-dates” to kill some time between classes/during lunch break. Shortly after getting to know each other, they recognized in one another the zeal for travel and food adventure. It didn’t take long for them to decide to go on a journey to LA, Wayne's hometown, – their journey together continues.  



- Yvonne is the oldest child and grand child in her family.

- Yvonne learned her piano lessons from a tutor for more than 10 years since 4-year old.


- Wayne's first part-time job was selling women's beauty products.

- Wayne wears his glasses all the time; even while he sleeps.