Stephanie & Mathieu

August 9, 2015

Things you may not know about us

Stephanie and Mathieu's story began in 2011 when they both lived and taught in the Arctic region of Quebec: Nunavik.  Although they lived in different villages, which were only accessible by airplane, fate brought them together when they both decided to coach the sports teams at their schools.  The annual athletic tournament took place in another village and all coaches took residence, along with their teams, in the local school.  After a few shared cups of tea in the hallway and an evening coaching staff party they both realized there was something special.  They continued their romance with periodic trips to each others' villages.  When Stephanie decided to take a job aboard a tall ship for a year they both thought that the most logical decision would be to terminate their romance before things became too difficult.  About three weeks after their decision- and into the summer holiday- Mathieu called Stephanie to say that, "he just had to see her" and that he'd be in Nova Scotia the following evening.  He planned to get up early and drive all day.  The rest, as they say, is history. Stephanie finished her year aboard the S.S. Sorlandet and Mathieu finished a second year in Nunavik.  They now reside in Montreal where they speak only one language: the language of love. 


A little about Stephanie:

- Stephanie loves to write and hopes to someday have her work published

-Stephanie's first official job was working in the deli department at Sobeys making fried chicken

-Stephanie first learned to play ice hockey when she was 25 years old.

-Stephanie's favorite thing about Mathieu is that he can always make her laugh- she also appreciates his love of garage sales!



A little about Mathieu:

- Mathieu loves sports and maintains a busy schedule of both participating and coaching in various sports teams.

- Mathieu's first official job was picking strawberries in a field  

-Mathieu only started to like spicy food after he met Stephanie - and now he  loves it!

-Mathieu's favorite thing about Stephanie is that she has a big heart- he also likes how she surprises him with "Set for Life" tickets.