Regiane & Andrew

July 4, 2014

Things you may not know about us
Our story begins in September 2012 and all it took was a word , a look, a gesture to realize that the we were made for each other.

May 2013, at Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, we got to see each other face to face, its was like floating on cloud nine.
He met my family for the first time. It was really an intesed moment for both of us. But my parent´s fell in love with him at first sight.
My dad huged him like a son.  

Our feelings grew in strength day by day.
Thank god to Skype and Whatsapp, as they were our great " friends" to provide our daily interaction. 

August 2013, I visited the Singapore. I experinced different cultures ,spicy  food and hot weather.
I met his family , his best friends. Got to see the singaporean life style. 
August 22th, 2013 at Sentosa, I was tricked into diving with a tank full of great white sharks at the underwater world.
That´s where he proposed to me to be his wife. OMG ..... Tank full of sharks and other sea creatures.  I was so afraid.
When he showed me the sign for marriage, I was so shock and I forgot to breath under water. 
I said YES!!!!!! with my thumbs up. And he placed the ring on my finger.
And now, the jouney to our wedding begins.
Truly a match made in heaven.
I thank god with all my heart. 

My Visit to malaysia, Kular Lumpur, Genting Islands. 2013
- Was born in Brazil in 1977
- She got the BA degree at PUC University and She did Post Graduation in Management and specialized in Human Resources Management at  Britsh Columbia University in Canada and when she came back studied Knowledge Management at FGV and then did MBA at Fundação Dom Cabral. She is currently the Human Resources Manager at American Agriculture Industry. And thanks God..She learned to speak English and Spanish to communicate with him!..

- He was born in Singapore in 1977
- He studied in Singapore.
- He speaks English very well
- Loves to joke all the time
- Has a beautful skin colour
- Hard working person