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October 18, 2014 Jana & Warren

How it started...
Our story began back in August 2010 when both of us met at a pub in Angel (North London) whilst out with friends. We ended up at the same table and after some cocktails and a fun conversation about strawberries and hair shampoo we exchanged phone numbers. After a few typical South African dates (Nandos and a Movie), Jana decided to posh things up a bit by suggesting a few bar-hopping tours through Notting Hill instead... The rest is history as they say.
Since then we have made it our mission to explore as many breakfast joints as one can stomach, dance the night away even when there is no music and always make it to the gym even if it means having to travel to a town nearby.
Some of our adventures include falling in and out of clubs and cocktail bars in London, Miami, Paris, New York and Ibiza (to name a few), crossing the Red Sea in a dodgy ferry, visiting many beautiful places in Europe, Africa and North America, changing jobs, moving countries, flat hunting, tackling neverending DIY to-do lists, learning to speak French or rather Frenglish and most recently of course becoming proud parents.










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