Barbara & Sebastian

February 8, 2014

What you might not know about us

How everything began: In 2006 a young lad called Sebastian (you may know him) decided that it was time for him to leave home, seeking experiences in another country. And so in February of 2007 he arrived in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, planning on little more than to spend a year at the university. It was not even three weeks after his arrival that he lost his heart to a native beauty called Barbara (you may know her). This happened at Carnival which both of them celebrated in a little village about two driving hours outside of Belo Horizonte. Coincidence?

They had a really good time and besides some communication problems they figured that they were living close to each other in Belo. They decided to meet again on the next Saturday in a nearby shopping mall to watch a movie. Sebastian, being German, arrived about half an hour early. He was obviously new to Brazil. An hour later he wondered whether his date would still show up, but convinced himself to wait at least another half an hour. Of course, nothing happened the next half hour. As he was about to leave Barbara showed up - not from the direction of the entrance as he had expected, but coming from the restrooms where she had quickly checked on her makeup.

After the movie (of which neither of them remembers anything) he brought his flame home by bus. After the "action" during the movie he thought that they were together now, but was informed by Barbara that even for this there was a formal act in Brazil. One romantic proposal (on the bus) later the two finally formed a couple and ever since struggle in their long distance relationship.

What Sebastian has to say about Barbara:

Barbara is kind of good at fishing and sometimes when I think about it I feel like one of these little red ones you can see in the picture.

(I've never seen anybody managing to get six fish at once!)

You have to be very skilled to catch the only German fish at Carneval in a little town in the middle of nowhere in Brazil, but she had me on the hook from the very first moment. 

Barbara has so many special features that I cannot decide which is most important. I guess she is just the perfect match for me. She is fun, charming, beautiful, hard-working and if you've ever known an honest person then it's her.

I love being around her, she makes me feel good.
Barbara is supportive; she helps me when I need her,
and even if I pretend to not need her.
She comforts me.
Oh, and not to forget: She is crazy! Just a bit,
and I won't go into detail, but she is.

In the end, I just love her. It's as simple as that!

What Barbara has to say about Sebastian:

My German boy is good at everything he does...only fishing is difficult...haha. As an experienced fisher I tried to teach him...

...but he only gets the smallest.

Glad that this real catch himself took my bait. I will never let him go. He is all the best ... good-looking, intelligent, fun, tender ... just perfect. When I saw him for the first time, I fell in love and felt that it was real love.

Sebastian surprised me by quickly learning Portuguese just to conquer me ... by the way, he did it in three months. I have to thank him for so many things ... for all our special moments; but also for those in which we missed each other, the difficult ones; for that he always supports me; for giving me love and caresses; for understanding me; being always by my side and making me the happiest woman in the world!!

Despite all difficulties and the physical distance between us (believe me that one is not easy), we overcame all obstacles, because our love is unconditional. Our story is the perfect example for the meaning of love. It is the perfect love. I love him more than anything.