The Party & Toastmasters


Hipp Spegelsalen, Kalendegatan 12 (map below)
Time:   16:00

We welcome you to Hipp in down town Malmö.
Here we will enjoy some mingle, a 3 course dinner led by our toastmasters Mavis & Micke and it will all be followed by some great dancing & a DJ.

Hipp was first established in 1898 as the world's most modern circus and theatre, but today it is more well known for its restaurant, theatre and nightclub.

Please contact us if you are are allergic to anything.


For toasts or other fun thing during the party please contact our toastmasters
Mavis & Micke Zander:
  • mavis.zander@vardforbundet.se  +46 702322494
  • michael.zander@skane.se             +46 709610526