Who is Agga & Bruno?

This is Bruno:

Tall, handsome (according to his mom and to Agga), smart, funny (according to him), calm, makes the best lemonade, fries the best pancakes, loves his Coca Cola and met the love of his life during Carnival 2009.


This is Agga:

Tall, cute (according to everyone), loving, makes the best corn soup, loves chocolate in all forms, a manic cleaner (poor Bruno if he leaves his clothes spread around the house) and met the love of her life during a vacation to Brasil 2009.


It was carnival 2009 in Salvador, Brasil.

The girl Agga: super tanned as always.

The boy Bruno: super charming as always.

The friend Bianca: the Cupid!

The story?

Girl falls in love with boy and goes back to Brasil 1 month later.

Boy falls in love with girl and goes to Sweden 2 months later.

Now how do they continue? Do they end this or do they continue?

They continue!

Thank you Skype and many vacation days for giving our relationship a chance during 3 years apart from each other.

And then they decide to move in together.
So they move to Stockholm. The capital of Sweden.

Here they live happy.

And finally together.