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WELCOME! And Yes, we are finally getting married!
Where? In Malmö, Sweden!
When? 16 August 2014!

If you have reached this page it means that we would really love to have your company during this special day. On this page you can find everything from tips where to stay and sightseeing to practical information about the wedding. If you have any questions please contact us at:

aggajj@gmail.com, +46 702586178
bruno.taft@gmail.com, +46 708101446


Malmö, which is thought to be founded in 1275, is Sweden's third largest city and one of the largest cities in Scandinavia with its modest 300.000 inhabitants. Malmö is the home for the great soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the big Hollywood star Anita Ekberg from La Dolce Vita.
Below you can find some tips on what to do in Malmö.
And Hey! Don't forget that when visiting Malmö you can both fly to Malmö Airport (Sturup) and Copenhagen Airport as they both are 30 km from Malmö.

Malmö Festivalen 15-22 August. This is a yearly festival in central Malmö filled with free concerts and food from all over the world during one week. It is Scandinavia's biggest city festival with 1,4 million visitors during 8 days.

Take a walk and enjoy an ice cream in beautiful Västra hamnen/Western harbor. See the Turning Torso a 190-metre high residential building that has certainly put Malmö on the map.

Lilla Torg is a large outdoor area that is home to several of Malmö’s best known restaurants and night clubs.

Canal tour "Rundan".
Go through canals, under bridges and see Malmö from another perspective. Your personal guide will give you information about history, buildings and Malmö personalitites.

Visit Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark in only 30 minutes. Walk along Ströget for some shopping, see Nyhavn or perhaps go to the Tivoli? Take the train from Malmö Central Station three times per hour and pay 210 kr round trip. 
Malmö hus Castle: Several of Malmö’s major museums are housed within these historic walls. These are Malmö Art Museum, the City Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium. Bring the whole family and discover something new!

Kallbadhuset: Relax in the wood-fired sauna or go saltwater swimming all year round. People come here from all over Malmö. Enjoy the fantastic views of the Sound, swim and then get a coffee in the popular café. "Kallis", as it is called in  Malmö, has 160.000 visitors yearly and was built in 1898.

One of Malmö’s oldest buildings, the immense and beautiful St Peter’s Church.
One minute walk from Hipp where the wedding party will be.                        

Lund is a 15 minute train ride from Malmö and is believed to have been founded around 990. Lund has a University founded in 1666 and is today one of Scandinavias largest institutions for education and research. Here you can also find Lund Cathedral which is at least 800 years old.
Bruce Willis did his hair transplant in Lund!!

From Malmö and Copenhagen you can go to almost any European city. You can even find great last minute deals with hotel and flight included. Ex. 1 week in Greece 300 Euro for hotel and flight! Do you want to go to Barcelona, Belgrade, Turkey, Greece, Spain or Stockholm? This is where you should look for it. If you need help,  let us know!
Last minute deal is called "Sista minuten" in Swedish!
The companies that have the Last minute deals are:

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There is also the page Reseguiden that creates a search on all the popular pages.

If you have any doubts or need help with your bookings, don't hesitate to contact us.

See more about Malmö at http://www.malmotown.com


We would highly like to recommend the Rica Hotel for all of our guests as the previous mentioned Baltzar hotel might not be open during this period.

Our reservation code is: BRÖB140814M.avrop

email reservation to: reservations@rica.se  or call +46 (0)8 7237272  
The prices are (including breakfast buffe):
 Single room budget:         645 SEK / 92 USD/
67 Euro
    Single room standard:       745 SEK / 106 USD / 77 Euro
   Double room budget:       845 SEK / 120 USD / 87 Euro
   Double room standard:    945 SEK / 135 USD / 98 Euro
  Tripple room standard:   1145 SEK / 163 USD / 119 Euro

Scandic Kramer        
Scandic Triangeln     
Scandic Malmö City 

Price for double room 940-1340 kr.           

Close to the party and the Malmö Festival.

Hotel Renaissance

Price for double room 1040-1290 kr.          

Close to the party and the Malmö Festival.

Hotel Plaza

Price for double room 940 kr.                    

Close to the party and the Malmö Festival.

Close to the party:
STF Hostel: Dorm 200 kr/person.                

NOT close to the party:                               
Bosses Hostel:                                             
 Single room 450 kr, Twinbed room 595 kr, 
3 bed room 695 kr, 4 bed room 895 kr        

Rut o Ragnars: Double room 500 kr.